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Spinaleze Pillows and products are different to all other Pillows. They are not a foam, a memory foam, or a rubber material of any kind.

They are the only pillow in the world made from our unique and innovative Aerated Visco Material which adapts and contours to your head and neck for personalised, neck support and premium comfort. Because the pillow aligns the head neck and spine, the pillow gives the sleeper a feeling of weightlessness and comfort unlike any other pillow.

After years of treating patients over a decade ago a Sydney medical scientist, Dr Mo, treated many patients who suffered neck and back pains, head aches etc, even people who had trouble falling asleep and waking up feeling tired, and some suffering from morning neck pains, headaches and even snoring. Dr Mo diagnosed that if a pillow height and substance was not correct would cause health pains and problems and should conform to your spine alignment. So he spent many hours, days weeks months and years researching and developing a pillow that would align the head neck and spine for proper spine health. The result was the SPINALEZE PILLLOW.

So whether you prefer sleeping on your side or back or both -the Spinaleze Pillow is the perfect pillow for you for proper spine health-care.

BACK SLEEPERS (People who only sleep on their Back)
If you sleep mostly on your back (most of the time on your back) up to 180cm the Low-Profile Pillow is the most popular.

If you sleep mostly on your back (most of the time on your back) and are 180cm and over the Medium-Profile Pillow is the most popular.

SIDE SLEEPERS(People who sleep on their side and some back sleeping)
If you sleep on your side MOST of the time and are up to 180cm (6 feet) tall- The Medium-Profile Pillow is the most popular.
If you sleep on your side and are up to 180cm (6 feet) with Broad Shoulders- the High- Profile Pillow is the most popular
If you sleep on your side and are up to 180cm (6 feet) and a larger frame across the chest from the edge of your arm to arm - The High- Profile Pillow is the most popular
If you sleep on your side and are 180cm tall and over The High-Profile Pillow is the most popular.

If you sleep on your stomach, we believe this is not the best position to sleep and can cause neck pain. We strongly recommend you try to sleep on your side or your back instead with a Spinaleze pillow. (medical authorities recommend this is the better position than sleeping on your stomach)

If the child is up to 145cm tall regardless of whether they sleep on their side or back the Low-Profile Pillow is the most popular.
If the child is 145cm and over and a Side Sleeper the Medium-Profile Pillow is the most popular.
It’s important to align and support the child’s neck at an early age, which may help dictate the alignment of the spine.

All orders are processed within 24 hours.
We endeavor to deliver your Spinaleze to you as soon as possible.
We estimate approximately 3-7 working days for delivery
If you have any questions about the status, please feel free to contact our Customer Service dept 1300 886 345 or email

Online: The easiest and quickest way to pay is via the credit card payment facility on our fully secure website.

We now offer Zip Pay and Afterpay . Own it now and pay later

Call Centre: Please have your credit card details ready before calling. If you want to speak with someone first and purchase a pillow over the phone, call 1300 886 345 Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm . Most calls are answered very quickly, but if it is a particularly busy time they may take your details and call you back so you are not left on hold for too long. A far better option for you is to simply email us on

Cheque/Money Order: You can send a Cheque or money order in the name of Spinaleze and mail it to: Quadrant Court, Suite 4, 197 Military Road, Neutral Bay NSW 2089 in the name of Spinaleze and we will send you a pillow as soon as it has cleared.

The Australian made Spinaleze pillows contain Ultrafresh, which is anti microbial, anti bacterial, So there is no need to wash the pillow, If there is a spill you may use a damp cloth and then just air it in the cool shade.

The 100% cotton pillowcase can be removed and washed as often as you wish.

Yes, all Spinaleze pillows fit in a standard pillow case . Your Spinaleze pillow will come in a hygienic Authentic Unique 100% cotton cover & and you can purchase more on our website.

The measurements of each pillow are as follows:

Low Profile: 55cm x 36cm x height 10cm (front) – 11.5cm (rear)

Medium Profile: 55cm x 36cm x height 12.5cm (front) – 14cm (rear)

High Profile: 55cm x 36cm x height 15cm (front) – 16.5cm (rear)

If you are in Sydney, you can come into our Sleep Clinic to try it out.

Make sure you bring in your old pillow, so you can see the difference.

Suite 4/197 Military Rd Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Monday to Saturday 11.30am - 4.30pm

If you have any further questions we will be happy to help you.

Please contact our customer service centre on
or call in business hours on 1300 886 345

Spinaleze 100 Night Comfort Promise is designed to give you complete peace of mind when
purchasing a new mattress On-Line.

We realise that you are not instore lying on a
mattress and this gives you 100% confidence that you will LOVE your Spinaleze
Mattress as much as we do.

Please read our Terms and Conditions to learn more.

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