Spinaleze Diamond Quilted Pillow Case

Experience Comfort In Its Purest Form, A Restful And Refreshing Sleep On The SPINALEZE Diamond Quilted Pillow Case

Drift off to sleep in good health and pure comfort with our range of quality
pillow covers.

The Spinaleze® Diamond Quilted Pillow Cases are available for every Spinaleze® Profile Pillow - High, Medium Low and Children’s and will lovingly hug your Spinaleze® Pillow perfectly.

The plush thread counts mean you can sleep on comfort knowing that you
have the best money can buy and made here in Australia, and when the times comes you can easily wash, ready for your next sleep, they feel good and look great.

Just like the Spinaleze® Pillow which supports and adds comfort to your head
and neck while you sleep, the Spinaleze Diamond Quilted Pillow Case will support your Spinaleze® Pillow with health and comfort and is the perfect match.

Sold separately and comes in a beautiful gift box and is proudly Australian.

Please select your Pillow Case Profile size to match your Pillow Profile size (High, Medium, Low or Children's).