Introducing the SPINALEZE Mattress
  •  Innovative Spinal support
  • Personalised comfort
  • Handcrafted Luxury and 100% Australian owned and made
  • Researched and developed over 2 decades.
  • Our Australian team of sleep and medical scientists have utilized technological and medical advancements to develop the Revolutionary SPINALEZE mattress which is like NO OTHER mattress ever produced anywhere in the world - It simply puts YOU in control of the comfort you experience while you sleep. And is suitable and PERFECT for ANY body, ANY age ANY shape ANY weight
  • No Springs, No Coils, No gimmicks. Thanks to the innovative Intra-cellular pressure relieving material the Spinaleze mattress senses and responds to your body’s temperature and positioning conforming to the shape of your body to deliver the ultimate in support and luxurious comfort ( No two bodies are the same)
  • The Spinaleze Mattress communicates your senses to further allow you to dictate the firmness or softness of your mattress - whether your personalised comfort requires Soft, Medium or Firm comfort the Spinaleze Mattress will deliver all these and everything in between.
  • The unique Spinaleze Mattress is the ONLY mattress in the world that uses the revolutionary Pressure Relief chamber which is an aerodynamic control function enabling dual zone personalised comfort - putting you in control of your side of the mattress without any form of power to operate No Batteries No Electric power, No USB charging. Nothing !
  • The moment you activate the Pressure Relief Control (located on both sides of your mattress) it carefully and quietly curates the atmospheric gravitational flow into the membrane of the mattress responding to the pressure points and receptors throughout your body and promotes comfortable spinal alignment and create a truly immersive sleep experience.
  • When it comes to Comfort SPINALEZE leads the way Hand made with luxurious cashmere Australian wool, impressively breathable which insulates up to three times more effectively than regular wool, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Health benefits include the infusing of Ultra Fresh High Performance antimicrobial which will keep your mattress protected from stains microbes odors and degradation.
  • Recently the world largest Sleep Study concluded that disrupted or insufficient sleep substantially deteriorates cognitive abilities , ages brain functions and accelerates aging of organs and the immune system -That’s why you need to ensure you get the best sleep possible.
  • The unique revolutionary Spinaleze Mattress with its innovative Spinal support puts your Body and Mind at ease allowing a QUALITY Night’s Sleep and will be the ONLY mattress you will ever need. Never before has a mattress offered all this and more…
  • We invite the world to experience a truly immersive Sleep with the Spinaleze Mattress
  • Order yours by contacting Spinaleze today
  • 100-night Free sleep trial (conditions apply)