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Spinaleze History
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Spinaleze History


Over a decade ago a Leading Sydney Medical Scientist was treating patients in his Sydney Clinic. He would see patients come and go, he would relieve their aches and pains… only for them to RETURN in coming weeks with the same problems and complaints !

He soon realised that there was something common with most of the patients and the reason WHY they were regularly in pain and coming to see him.

The most common denominator was the way they Slept.


It became his passion in life to give these people a pain free lifestyle with a sleep system that supported them while they slept.

It was evident that a pillow had to be created and designed to suit the human neck anatomy, to offer comfort, offer proper support with no gimmicks or sales jargon, unlike any other that was available on the market here or anywhere else in the world.

For this to become a reality, knowledge of Science, Chiropractic and Anatomy were required and he possessed all these, so he set out and researched and researched over many years…

Over a decade of research, clinical designing, testing, clinical test-trialling, and refining, the perfect pillow was created.. The Spinaleze Pillow

  • 100% Australian made from luxurious light weight snuggly soft and aerated Visco Material, It’s NOT a rubber, it’s unlike anything ever seen or felt before.
  • It’s 100 % different, it’s unique, and has never seen before anywhere in the World, until NOW.
  • It simply aligns the Head, Neck and Spine for the Best Possible sleep ever.

The Spinaleze Pillow is comfortable and supportive to the neck and head and works WITH the spine rather than against it and the unique design allows air to flow through to the sleeper rather be blocked by the actual weight of the pillow itself.

The Spinaleze Pillow is a TGA approved product and has been shown and demonstrated that it can help reduce or eliminate the incidents of snoring, and has been designed with the Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial material - ULTRAFRESH  ® which is suitable and Approved for people who suffer Asthma and allergies.



  • While we are asleep there are NO actively supporting muscles in our neck to sustain our head, because of this, our head becomes an UNSUPPORTED WEIGHT which is often the cause of Headaches neck pain back pain and other pain the morning after when we wake. Believe it or not, the average human head weighs around 5kg (11lbs) That's more than most new-born babies and all that is balanced on just 7 vertebrae in your neck and supported by around 20 muscles that are responsible for moving your head around and keeping that weight in place (but NOT while you’re trying to sleep) The Spinaleze Pillow Takes over to Support your Head and Neck, NOT an Opinion but a FACT.


  • The Spinaleze Pillow will help you sleep better, deeper, longer, and more comfortably as it promotes head neck and spine alignment and encourages a supportive, luxuriously soft and comfortable cradling effect of these anatomical and facet joints and muscles of the neck and head which leads to better you, and as we say here at Spinaleze, ‘A Great Day starts with a Good Night’s SLEEP’


  • Since then There have been introduce in 2021 the Spinaleze Range of Products, The Spinaleze Mattress, The Spinaleze Back Support and the Spinaleze Mattress Overlay


Over the years investors and manufacturers have offered to Take the Production off-shore and tempted with more profits and money to be made, Spinaleze has refused remaining 100% COMMITTED TO staying 100% Owned and Operated offering Quality Sleep Solutions made HERE in Australia



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