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Best pillows for side sleepers
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Best pillows for side sleepers

Did you know that sleeping on your side is considered one of the best positions to sleep in?  Not only can it help to reduce snoring, it’s also great for your digestion and with the proper body alignment, sleeping on your side can reduce neck, joint and low back pain, as well as chronic pain associated with long-term conditions like fibromyalgia.

 Additionally, if you are pregnant, it’s recommended to sleep on your side in order to best support blood flow and nutrients reaching your growing baby and reduce your stillbirth risk.

 So if sleeping on your side is your preferred sleeping position, you are already setting yourself up for a restful night’s sleep. But another factor that can help you get an even better sleep is what pillow you choose to rest your head upon. So what’s the best pillow for side sleepers?

 Here are the factors you will need to consider:

Pillow height

The general rule of thumb is that side sleepers need a pillow with more height (about 10cm) in order to maintain neutral spine alignment and relieve pressure at the shoulders and neck.

Always “try before you buy”, most quality bedding stores should give you this option. The important things to think about when testing out a pillow are:

  • Is this pillow height correct to keep my spine in neutral alignment?
  • Is this pillow too high and tilts my neck upwards, out of alignment with my spine?
  • Is this pillow’s height providing enough pressure relief for my shoulders?

If your pillow is comfortable and you feel that it keeps your spine and neck in alignment when you are testing it out, chances are it is a great choice for you. 


Pillow firmness

A firm-to-extra-firm pillow is the best for people who sleep on their side, because it ensures your spine is supported properly at a consistent height; the softer a pillow is, the more it will compress under the weight of your head. Again, you should be able to see if the pillow is a good firmness for you by testing it out and seeing if it keeps your neck and spine aligned, and if it is comfortable enough for you as well.

Pillow fill

Because of the height and firmness that is required of a pillow for side sleepers, the best pillow fillings are foam and latex, as they provide both firmness but comfort. It is also worth considering ensuring that your pillow fillings are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial to help reduce the risk of hidden nasties living in your pillow! Pillows that are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial are also great for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. 


Pillow solution for side sleepers

At Spinaleze, we believe there is nothing better than a great night’s sleep and have designed all of our Australian-made products around this ethos. That’s why we have designed not one, but two pillows that are suited to side sleepers, depending on your height. 

For side sleepers that are under 6 feet tall, a medium profile pillow is best and if you are over 6 feet tall, a high profile pillow will help to properly support your spine and neck as you sleep. The perfect pillows for side sleepers, Spinaleze™ High and Medium Profile Pillow’s patented and uniquely innovative designs mould to the shape of the head and neck to provide optimal spinal support and comfort, helping to relieve pressure in the shoulder and keep the head level so that it is in neutral alignment with the spine. 

By keeping these tips in mind, you should be able to find the perfect pillow to suit your preferred sleeping position. To find out more about our patented side-sleeper pillows, you can browse our range of Spinaleze pillows, or visit us in-store to test our pillows in person.

This article should be used for informative purposes only and is not a substitute for a consultation with a health specialist.



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