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Spinaleze Back Support Pillow


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A Unique Back Support Pillow Designed & Engineered For proper posture Support – anywhere, any time.

The specially designed Spinaleze back support pillow has been created and refined over many years by a medical scientist and registered chiropractor based in Sydney, Australia.

Incorrect posture while at work, watching TV at home, in the car, train or anywhere, can cause problems, and now the Spinaleze back support pillow can help.

Softer, firmer, you get to choose the exact level of back support, and you’ll be able to rest-assured knowing  that the Spinaleze back support pillow is the perfect choice for your back and posture because you will be able to choose the exact level of firmness comfort and support.

Made with Ultra Fresh, the Spinaleze travel pillow is hypo-Allergenic, anti-bacterial, and is suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.

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