Spinaleze Pillow Cover

SPINALEZE Pillow Covers are authentic and unique 100% quality cotton covers.

Experience simplicity and elegance with the Spinaleze Cotton Pillow Covers. The Spinaleze pillowcases are essential for your Spinaleze Pillow and are made from material that breathes all night to help you relax and wake refreshed.

Drift off to sleep in good health and pure comfort knowing that this pure cotton pillow cover is your healthy accompaniment to your Spinaleze Pillow.

Made from 100% Sateen cotton, the impressive thread counts mean you can sleep on comfort knowing that you have the best money can buy and made here in Australia, and when the time comes you can easily wash, ready for your next sleep, they feel good, look great and they’re healthy.

Just like the Spinaleze Pillow which supports and adds comfort to your head and neck while you sleep, the Spinaleze Cotton Pillow Cover will protect your Spinaleze Pillow with health and comfort and is the perfect match.

Sold separately and is proudly Australian made.

The cotton fabric is a fine 250 thread count with yarn 40s’ x 40s’ & density 140 x110.

Please select your Pillow Cover Profile size to match your Pillow Profile size (High, Medium, Low or Children's size).