Double overlay

  • Revolutionary Next Generation Visco Foam
  • Ultra-Fresh: Antimicrobial & Anti Dust Mite 
  • Contouring & Pressure relieving
  • Improved airflow & greater breathability
  • 100% Australian Made & Australian Owned
  • Latest technology in overlay comfort & support
  • Reduces irritation for allergy & asthma sufferers
  • Less back & hip pain
  • Thermo regulating, keeping you cool/warm
  • Better quality, Support Australia


Double: 1880mm x 1380mm x 40mm

$569 $669

Superior Comfort

Researched by spinaleze


We are always researching for the latest technology available to offer the very best spinal support.

The NVG has all the same benefits of Visco foam, but fine-tuned to new levels.


Refined in its design, NGV features improved air flow and greater breathability. It has also rapidly increased the foam’s response time to pressure, ensuring maximum comfort throughout all levels of density

Designed by spinaleze
Engineered by spinaleze


Made in Australia with Ultrafresh, an antimicrobial and anti-dust mite material, you will sleep with complete spinal support without having to compromise on luxury.