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Designed & Engineered For Your Spine

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Spinaleze is no ordinary pillow

A unique pillow designed & engineered for spinal support.


The specially designed Spinaleze™ pillow was created and refined over many years by a Medical scientist and registered chiropractor based in Sydney, Australia.

After seeing patient after patient come back with recurring back and neck problems, we realised… it must be the pillow causing the problem.

After extensive research it was apparent in our opinion that there weren’t any pillows on the market that effectively assisted the Spine. Patients had tried everything to get relief. So we spent over a decade using the knowledge and experience, together with the input of patients, to create and refine the Spinaleze™ pillow…allowing many perfect night’s sleep for the first time in a long time.


The Question

“Why did patients leave the chiropractic clinic feeling relief from pain only to return the very next day with the pain back again?”

If you think about it, your body’s posture is being influenced all night by your pillow without your really being aware of it. More often than not a pillow is purchased on price without thought of the design and its consequences. So the question was how to research , design and engineer  a pillow for the Spine and provide a good night’s sleep.

The Answer


The answer has taken over a decade to develop – the Spinaleze™ pillow. It has specifically been engineered to shape comfortably working with the spine rather than against it, all the while allowing constant airflow around it. To achieve this a new material and design was required.

The Material

Advanced Technology - A lightweight visco-elastic luxurios material . A superior stress-relieving composition . The specially designed corrugations across the top surface of the pillow cradle the neck while allowing free flow of air around the neck. The bottom surface of the pillow also allows for constant circulation of air.

The SPINALEZE pillow contain a hand crafted neck recess to try and maximize the contact between the neck and the pillow. Each Spinaleze™ pillow comes with a hygienic Authentic Unique 100% fitted cotton cover. 


The Conclusion

People with back and neck problems invest a lot of time and money seeking relief via spinal care professionals and buying specialist beds/mattresses while often ignoring the primary culprit – their pillow. The Spinaleze™ pillow has been developed by a spinal care professional over more than a decade to help give you what you most want – a good night’s sleep.