Do you or a loved one suffer from sleep apnea? This sleep disorder is estimated to affect about5% of Australians, with around one in four men over the age of 30 years affected.
Neck pain is a frustrating ailment to suffer, as it can often be hard to pinpoint the cause of the pain. The pain can often be mistaken for headaches or migraines, making finding the source of the pain even more difficult. For most of us, neck pain can be caused by poor posture when sitting at work, or even more commonly, by poor sleeping positions.v
The right pillow can make or break your sleeping patterns. This is why choosing the proper pillow is paramount to getting a healthy, peaceful and overall restful night’s sleep. But choosing the right pillow can be tricky. Do you opt for a high-profile pillow or a low one? When should you replace the pillow you’re using?
In a healthy sleeping posture your whole body is aligned – from your knees and hips, right through to your head and neck. If your neck and shoulders don’t get the right support or are forced to twist or crane, then say goodbye to alignment and say goodbye to a restful snooze.