Spinaleze Users

WOW how good is your pillow!!!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU.....I received my pillow 2 weeks ago and for the first time in years I wake up and JUMP out of bed with NO pain.........for years I have woken up with lower back pain, and at times it's so bad I can hardly roll over at night........It's like a miracle, from the very first night I slept on it all the pain disappeared....I wake up refreshed and totally pain free. The pillow is an absolute dream to sleep on and when my head hits it I just float off. Thank you Spinaleze I never would of believed it!!!!!.....It does what it says, Best Regards, Krissy

The pillow has reduced [my husband's] snoring by about 60%, so I am getting loads more sleep as well! He is also much more comfy back-wise. Thank you so much. Dr Kim, NSW

I recently purchased a high profile for myself & a low profile for my father...I just want to let you know that I am absolutely amazed at how good the product has been. For years I have had neck problems & 2 years ago I had a spinal fusion C4 to C7 & a corpectomy of C5 & C6. My main complaint with pillows in general was that there was no support for my neck and I could actually feel my neck sagging whilst in bed, and would wake up still, headache etc. But not now. I am getting to sleep a lot easier, sleeping right thru the night and waking up refreshed & no stiffness or pain : My father is a terrible snorer, but within 2 weeks his snoring has significantly reduced & nearly has stopped & he is waking up looser in the neck. Just thought you would be interested in my feedback, & will be mentioning the pillow to my neurosurgeon next check up. Thank you, M Buckingham

Dear Spinaleze team...I just want to say a BIG THANKYOU for the WONDERFUL pillow! It has truly been worth the wait! I could tell, from the very first second that my head hit the pillow, that it was going to help immensely in my quest for a better night's sleep! I hope that you continue to have success in your venture, as MANY Australians will benefit from this wonderful product! THANKYOU again. Warmest regards...Kerin

I have tried many pillows and paid a lot of money for them only to throw them away after a couple of sleeps. Since I have been using the Spinaleze™ Medium pillow I sleep a lot better. It doesn't flatten like other pillows, it cradles my head and neck. It's been wonderful. Thank you. Ann NSW

Thank you so much! My pillow arrived promptly and I can't believe it but I slept great from night one! I love it - thank you so much. I might have to order another one so my hubby can sleep well too. I haven't taken a headache tablet once since the first nights sleep - that is incredible! You are all amazing, thanks again. Sandra NSW

I do find the pillow very comfortable and no longer wake with neck problems. Would I part with it? Not on your life, would recommend. Bob D, QLD

Thank you for your prompt reply and for your advice on the proper use of the pillow. My husband bought the pillow for me but he has tried it and it stopped his snoring, so I think we will need to order another. Thanks for the great service. Robyn G, WA

After years of suffering with chronic neck pain, I can now sleep comfortably through the night. Using the Spinaleze™ pillow has been one of the main factors contributing to the health of my neck and spine, allowing me to get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and pain free! A McGuinness, NSW

The Spinaleze™ pillows are a dream. You won't get a better night's sleep - T Mann

I suffer from spinal and neuralgic pain and cannot sleep properly. In the four nights and three days I have had the HIGH PROFILE Spinaleze™ pillow my pain has nearly gone and today I slept uninterrupted for 12 hours. Although this pillow cost half my pension for 2 weeks, WHAT PRICE CAN YOU PUT ON REAL SLEEP? Quite frankly I am amazed and I have never given a RAP to a product before. I am just so glad I saw the Store Display in River Street, Maclean in NSW or I would be still in abject agony. Congratulations on a product that actually works and EXCEEDS all expectations. John X, NSW

It took a few nights to settle in but I find now that I don't wake up with headaches or a stiff neck anymore. I also noticed that when I lay on my side, especially my right one, my hip is not as sore. and I am also sleeping better. Janice, Newcastle

I can't do without mine. Helen

The pillow has certainly helped heaps with my migraines and back / neck headaches. I recommend it to all I come across with the same problems. Libby, WA

For years I have struggled with lack of flexibility in my neck. My wife introduced me to Spinaleze™ pillows which has reduced my neck stiffness and improved my sleep. My wife and I both now have Spinaleze™ pillows and are lost without them when we go away. We are very thankful. Ian B, NSW

I have tried [Spinaleze] out and am very impressed. You will be receiving another order from me soon. I have also talked my brothers, sisters, spouses and a few cousins into trying it and they will all be placing orders shortly. Thanks again. Peter T, NSW

I have only been using my new Spinaleze™ pillow for a week now, but already I am noticing a huge improvement in the quality of my sleep. I used to use expensive feather and down pillows, but I would always be restless during the night and wake up with a sore neck. Now I sleep right through the night and wake feeling refreshed and relaxed. And above all my neck doesn't hurt - for the first time in 20 years! Thank you Spinaleze™. S. Firth NSW

I purchased a Spinaleze™ pillow last month for my mother who has suffered from neck and shoulder pain for at least the last 15 years. She has been in pain constantly as she refuses to take pain killers or analgesics and every single night I rub cream or gel on her back, shoulder and neck area. She has tried several different pillows over the years from expensive to inexpensive and she LOVES her new Spinaleze™ pillow. Since using the pillow she has seen a noticeable improvement in the pain and she hasn't had to use the creams or gel for over one week now, which may not sound like much, but having seen the amount of pain and discomfort she has been in over the years, let me tell you it is a HUGE improvement. I would just like to praise your invention and the gentleman [Mo Helou] who spent so many years perfecting this pillow. I cant recommend your pillow enough and my mother tells every one at work about it and several of her workmates have bought the Spinaleze™ pillow on her advice. Thank you for your truly fantastic invention and I only wish that we had come across it earlier. Now that my mother has tried the pillow I would like to purchase 2 more, one for my brother and one for myself. M Tadros

A huge big thank you for the pillow. My girls are carrying it around with them every where we go!! There has not been a night since purchasing my Spinaleze™ pillow that I haven't put my head down and said to myself "I love this pillow". I truly believe in the benefits of this therapeutic pillow, my sleep is better and my neck stiffness has completely gone. I wake up and feel completely rested and full of energy for the day ahead. Lisa NSW

The pillows you supplied my wife and I have been used constantly for the past year. We have found them to be extremely comfortable and supportive. It is undoubtedly the best pillow I have slept on. Money well spent! Regards J.Strauss NSW

In March 2006 I was introduced to the features of the Spinaleze™ pillow. I was immediately taken by the design of the pillow, understandably this piqued my curiosity. For a very long time I had suffered from dissatisfaction in pillow performance. Try as I might, paying increasingly more each time I replaced a pillow, only to realize in a very short time that their performance deteriorated very quickly and the old double pillow technique was reinstated in a vain attempt to recover original performance expectation. Initially the Spinaleze™ is a dramatic change to other pillows. My experience has been quite remarkable. My sleeping pattern has improved immeasurably and I wake refreshed in the mornings with no hints of my previous back pain. I can highly recommend the Spinaleze™ pillow to anyone seeking a high performance, properly designed pillow. If my experience is evidence the purchase of one of these pillows will have you wondering why you did not buy one earlier. P Doherty. NSW

I first became a patient of the clinic in late 2000, after having a serious mountain biking accident. Through the ongoing treatments and discussing my problems with my neck and back, Mo told me of these pillows that he had designed and that would help my situation. So during the next treatment Mo supplied me with his Spinaleze™ pillow. A couple of weeks later, I tell you what, it was the most comfortable pillow I had ever slept on. It seemed to support my head and neck in all the right places and ever since then I have been having a sounder sleep and not waking up stiff. Finally after 5 years Mo has finished his R and D and is distributing these pillows so many more people will be able to benefit from a sounder sleep. Even after sleeping on the Spinaleze™ pillow for years, I find that it still gives me plenty of support and comfort. I have just recently purchased two of the pillows from the Spinaleze™ range for my girlfriend and brother. They both highly rate the pillows. My girlfriend had neck problems and after the purchase of the pillow she hasn't complained about her neck for a long time. My brother said that after the first night's sleep he had ever had. So if you'd like to have the most comfortable and sound sleep ever then purchase a pillow from the Spinaleze™ range and never look back. Because lets face it, we spend 1/3rd of our lives asleep and not many people would tolerate an uncomfortable pair of shoes, so why tolerate an uncomfortable pillow? Treat yourself to the best, it's well worth it. I will never go back to a cheap non-chiropractic pillow. J Symonds. NSW

My partner and I both suffer with neck & back problems resulting from a car accident and have used Spinaleze™ pillows for over 2 years now. We think they are the best pillows as they come in a range of thicknesses and sizes so we can each have a different one designed to suit our individual sleeping habits and different shoulder widths. This means that your neck and spine remain in perfect alignment for a great night's sleep. Spinaleze™ puts an end to waking up with a stiff neck .We believe it's therapy while you sleep. Thanks Mo, you are the best!

Having suffered various forms of back and neck pain for most of my life it was a pleasure to finally get a good nights sleep thanks to the elastic memory and the unique design of Spinaleze™ Pillows. Well done Spinaleze™! R Boesch, NSW

My old pillows used to drive me crazy an they either felt too hard, too soft, too high or too low! I've been using the medium profile Spinaleze™ pillow for about 12 months now and pillow fights are a thing of the past! Can't thank you enough. S Pacetta

Dear Mo, I have purchased & continue to use your Spinaleze™ pillow for a number of years now. I believe that they have been of great assistance in reducing the pain & discomfort in my neck. I also find them well wearing & they look great. I know I was a little skeptical with the purchase of my first pillow, however I have tremendously enjoyed each & every one of them. Thank you for introducing the Spinaleze™ pillows to me. I would highly recommend them to anyone with or without neck & back problems. C Ananijev

I had back and neck problems, because of my intensive fencing practice. I met Dr.Mo in Sydney during the 2000 Olympic Games. He started a chiropractic treatment and proposed his own designed PILLOW. Now I sleep better and my problem is solved. My wife adopted the same design pillow because of her shoulder and back pain. Now we get up from bed in the morning without any problems. We are very grateful to have discovered this great product. R GARA, Guadeloupe (French West Indies)

A great investment in one's health! S Coolant NSW

My Spinaleze™ pillow is just BRILLIANT. What more can I say? Thank you for giving my neck a great sleep every night! W. Russell NSW

I have bought a Spinaleze™ design Pillow and it is extremely comfortable to sleep on in any position as it moulds to support my neck. Whether on my side or back. The material sustains its shape very well, in fact it is as good as the first day I used it. I am impressed with the material it is made of. As I travel extensively and usually stay in the same Hotel knowing the beds are comfortable. I suggested he contact the Good Hotel Chains to see if they would have them available, "A Pillow Menu". The day's of traveling with your favorite pillow are long gone. I can and do recommend this product to anyone with or without a neck/spinal problem .Yours sincerely, C Towell. NSW

I have been sleeping on the Spinaleze™ pillow for the last 3 years. I find it fantastic as it keeps my head and neck really well aligned while I sleep. I never wake up with the feeling that I have slept wrong. Where ever I go away without my pillow I notice how I miss it as it is so comfortable to sleep on. Moreover, I have suggested to my daughter who has now also been sleeping on it for about the same length of time. She too speaks highly of it and recommends it. So all in all it is a great pillow and I cannot highly recommend it enough. Thank You Best Regards R Crause, NSW

I suffer from a condition called D.I.S.H. which is basically arthritic spurs on my spine. I have being using the Spinaleze™ pillow for a few ™months now, to which I have found it a great ease on supporting my spine and neck to sleep .I have noticed a when I wake up in the morning my back is not stiff, I find it easier to move around much more freely than I did before I started to use the pillow.. It is good to know that something does actually work while you are asleep....I have spayed thousands of dollars on treatment to fix my back...It is the best money I have ever spent. Bedlam NSW

I used to spend time trying to find the right position for a comfortable night's sleep but with the Spinaleze™ Chiropractic Pillow, I just lay my head down and I wake up refreshed. Before I purchased a Spinaleze™ Chiropractic Pillow, I would wake many times a night to readjust my sleeping position but not anymore. I have been searching for a pillow with that consistency for years and I highly recommend this pillow Thank you again and well done! Cheers Gene, NSW

I am pleased to confirm to you my satisfaction with the Spinaleze™ pillow that I bought from you. Since March 2006 I am consulting your clinic for treatment of my disc bulge and the severe back pain that I suffered in conjunction with the disc bulge. As part of my treatment I bought in late March one of your Spinaleze™ pillows and I have been using it ever since. I can confirm that my back pain has completely disappeared and the effect of using the pillow was an immediate improvement in my ability to sleep over night without unnerving strain and pain in my neck. I am happy to take this opportunity to thank you for your good care, advice and brilliant pillow design which I can only recommend to others going through the same painfully experience. F Syversteen,NSW

Six years ago the regular stiff neck and tingling fingers I was experiencing was diagnosed as arthritis of the cervical spine. I had to do something, so I began sleeping on a Spinaleze™ pillow. It allows my head to rest in a much more decanted position when I am sleeping, and so takes the pressure off my cervical spine. The regular pain I was experiencing is no longer a problem, except when I am away from home and have to use an ordinary pillow. I just don't sleep as well without one! It is truly magnificent. G Houston, NSW

I have suffered from neck stiffness for many years and a frozen shoulder for six months. During the last two months I was diagnosed with vertigo as well. Thank you for recommending a Spinaleze™ pillow which has given me so much relief and a return to an uninterrupted night's sleep. There is nothing like it and I recommend it to all. Thanks MO!

I am a mother of twins, and my back and neck problems started when I was pregnant. Because of severe nerve impingement, I could barely sit, and I was actually comfortable only lying in a warm bath. When my twins where born, the pain in my back from carrying or feeding the twins became just excruciating. I could hardly turn my head sideways, and was generally very stiff and tired because of the pain and the subsequent lack of sleep. This is when I started using the designed Spinaleze™ pillow. It provided me great relief. I used to sleep on a soft tiny pillow, or on my tummy. The designed Spinaleze™ pillow ensured correct neck alignment while sleeping. I must say the result has been astonishing, and far superior to anything I would have imagined! A couple of years later, I am still using the same pillow, which shape and efficiency has not been modified in the elapsed time. My neck and back stiffness are old bad souvenirs, and I don't wake up anymore with this tense feeling and muscle spasm. During the day, I enjoy a full mobility of my neck when turning my head sideways (which actually really helps when driving my car to taxi the twins all around)! I am so grateful, my husband and my parents are now using the pillow, and they all acknowledge its benefits! M. Jeanson,NSW

As a long term sufferer of neck pain, I have found that the Spinaleze™ pillow I have used over the past 18 months has made a significant contribution to improving my sleep. Its at that just right height, and supports my head so that my neck can relax, so there's no tension in my neck when I wake. I notice the difference if I'm away from home, without MY pillow, so now I am starting to take it with me! It's a neck saver. R Johnson,NSW

I have been sleeping on my Spinaleze™ pillow for over a year. Prior to using this product I woke each morning with stiffness and tension in my neck and upper back which lasted throughout the day. I now wake up feeling more refreshed, relaxed and have greater mobility and less strain in those parts of my body. The Spinaleze™ pillow has greatly improved my night's sleep and given me pain-free days!It's like sleeping on a soft supported cloud. A Lemm NSW

I was a stressed manager who had neck problems. Since using the Spinaleze™ pillows I look forward to a comfortable nights sleep. My wife and I think it's absolutely wonderful and a credit to it's design and creator. Thank you Regards S Lovell,NSW

I purchased a Spinaleze™ Pillow 3 years ago when neck stiffness was impeding me in pursuing my favorite activity of ocean swimming. Since using the pillow I have experienced no stiffness and my swimming times have shown considerable improvement. J Mather,NSW

I recently purchased a Spinaleze™ Pillow on recommendation from my Chiropractor. Prior to this I had been experiencing interrupted sleep and stiffness in the neck after waking. I have found the Spinaleze™ pillow allows me a far more uninterrupted sleep and my neck stiffness has almost disappeared. I would recommend this to anyone who has sleeping difficulties and experiences discomfort when waking. Regards S. Moncrieff, NSW

I have been sleeping on one of your pillows for nine months now. The size of the pillow was selected to suit my body and the way I sleep. Before your pillow, I would wake up with neck ache as the conventional pillows would move away from my neck as I slept. Now my neck stays comfortably supported all night and the waking ache has disappeared. Can't see me using another type of pillow ever again .Regards B Peterson, NSW

I have been using Spinaleze™ pillows for 18 months. During this time I have noticed a significant difference between a "mass produced" pillow and the additional support provided by the Spinaleze™ pillow. In my opinion, this has assisted in resulting in a reduction in neck and upper back pain previously experienced. I would recommend the Spinaleze™ pillow as worthwhile investment in your future health. P. Watson, NSW

I have been using the Spinaleze™ pillow for over 2 years. Its so comfortable that I find it hard to sleep on any other pillow an in fact, I even take it with me on holiday whenever I can! The pillow has greatly reduced the frequency and severity of the headaches I used to suffer. Thank you Spinaleze™

I have been sleeping on the pillow for the last 3 years. I find it fantastic as it keeps my head and neck really well aligned while I sleep. I never wake up with the feeling that I have slept wrong. Where ever I go away without my pillow I notice how I miss it as it is so comfortable to sleep on. Moreover, I have suggested to my daughter who has now also been sleeping on it for about the same length of time. She too speaks highly of it and recommends it. So all in all it is a great pillow and I cannot recommend it enough.

I have been using Spinaleze™ pillow for the last 4 weeks and have found it extremely supportive and comfortable, and it has helped to reduce my neck and shoulder pain. So for a good night's restful sleep , I highly recommend Spinaleze™ pillows.

Your pillow has been gracing my bed for approx 2 years now. I always feel it really supports my head in the best position whilst I'm asleep and I'm sure it helps me to have a good night. Before I purchased your pillow, I was sleeping on a much flatter type which ensured my neck was bent and shoulder crushed underneath into a position that could not be good for comfort or circulation. As you know I did suffer from shoulder and neck soreness prior to using your great pillow. C Verity,NSW

I have long searched for a pillow I was not constantly "pummeling" back into a comfortable shape. I bought a Spinaleze™ and not only found it more comfortable I actually felt neck stiffness on waking had gone. I was so impressed I bought one for the beach house and after trying it my daughter was sold and bought one to too! A great product that really delivers. Worth every cent! T Wright, NSW